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Notice from i-marbella.com to all customers, friends and readers

 Comments (14)

By: Annika Urm



to Pity 04-07-2011 23:55
i am not sure, now he have a new one ::)))
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Pity 04-07-2011 14:34
What goes around comes around. Johnny has gotten away with being an ****hole for a long time.

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observer 26-06-2011 02:02
she is tough and knows what she's doing. not everybody has to like her. But for sure she will get far. She is young and ambitious and already has accomplished a lot. She even has 2 children!

at least she is not a gold-digger!!!
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interesting 26-06-2011 00:40
I heard that they sold Buduaar and she got over 4 millions for it,I guess someone clearly has no idea what she or he is talking about. Buduaar is one of the most successful websites in Estonia and still continues to be!Somebody should check their sources, they're running a bit old..
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SAEKO HAMADA 25-06-2011 03:29
Special thanks to i-marbella.com for their constant support to all my events and Charity Activities.
This time also, a part of the sales form each art woks will go to Rotary Club Marbella as a donation for all the charity activity we do as a Rotarian. Thank you very much for your attention.
If you like to see ANDY WARHOL art work at Guarnieri please contact me.

Private Viewing: SAEKO HAMADA info@coastfiled.net
(+34) 639 213 956
www.coastfield.net www.SAEKOHAMADA.com
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Carol 24-06-2011 01:11
This women is...
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Always the way... 22-06-2011 15:25
Way too late as damage has been well and truly done here...The outcome seems inevitable, in that the money/backing have all the control. For the amount that it would have cost to create this site, Johnny should have put it on his credit card £3-4K MAX) plus ability to manage it from a server.

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Love this site usually 22-06-2011 13:08
Whats happening - such a relaxing site to visit normally!
To a reader, or client who owns the domain name is irrelevant - or who invested what. From the comments it seems that from the outset to now - the creative content and ethos of i-marbella came from one person - with investment from others. There are no winners here, in my opinion the site is losing credibility. Damage limitation needed asap - want to hear more about Marbella - not this.
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fb 22-06-2011 12:20
I guess that shows that johnny has only power in FB. Maybe his new site will be in facebook? that would be a good idea, since it would be a low-cost project and easy to maintain!
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Always the way... 22-06-2011 12:14
If Johnny owns i-Marbella, then he will have no trouble in removing control from this woman using a good lawyer (hard to find in Marbella) and the services of ICANN - http://www.icann.org/

There is no point 'slagging' each other off via the Internet/facebook - Just deal with it.
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