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Gallery ▸ Annika Urm | i-marbella
Annika Urm Blog

10 Minutes with the CEO of i-Marbella, Annika Urm


Annika Urm

 Comments (30)

By: i-Marbella.com

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barbara 27-06-2015 14:00
dear annika you look allways beautiful and you do a clasy work . be so kind and deleat the pages of me and joe hope fully you will phone me soon
0 thumbs down thumbs up 0

JOHNNY 25-05-2012 18:58
Dearest Susie, this site rightfully belongs to me and Sam no you don't need 180 fb accounts to get 180 likes, Annika is lyimg to you and the whole world and yes people I do get on with my new site that´s why it's on page 1 in Google.com for the search marbella, i-marbella is in position 100
3 thumbs down thumbs up 2

ismael 22-05-2012 11:52
I m very happy for yur success; keep on being as natural & beautiful Annika !!
1 thumbs down thumbs up 6

SAEKO HAMADA 20-05-2012 23:03
I really enjoy spending time with Annika in private life. She is funny and nice we always have a good time. Her children are so lovely they are like angels.. Fernando ( my Chihuahua) loves them a lot :)
2 thumbs down thumbs up 4

Sam Cameron 20-05-2012 22:27
Johnny, to be able to have a 180 likes, we would need to have 180 Facebook accounts..
0 thumbs down thumbs up 4

Susie 19-05-2012 23:44
Poor Johnny, what's gotten into you? Let them do their own thing, you do yours. People who envy and talk bad about other only make themselves look bad, ask anybody. And I have never heard the people from i-marbella talking bad about you Johnny. Leave them alone and start living your own life!Congrats to Annika for keeping the site up and running for so many years and it's only getiing better I see..
2 thumbs down thumbs up 8

Liam 16-05-2012 14:06
This woman is not warm and friendly :(
2 thumbs down thumbs up 6

Johnny 16-05-2012 13:14
Sam you clearly know that you can comment on this site and click as many likes as you want, it's all a con, but good luck all the same
1 thumbs down thumbs up 2

Johnny 16-05-2012 13:12
David, she buys her likes
1 thumbs down thumbs up 2

Carlos 16-05-2012 10:45
She is more famous than Maria Bravo! More likes and comments!
0 thumbs down thumbs up 4

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