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Annika Urm Blog

10 Minutes with the CEO of i-Marbella, Annika Urm

Annika Urm

By: i-Marbella.com


barbara 27-06-2015 14:00
dear annika you look allways beautiful and you do a clasy work . be so kind and deleat the pages of me and joe hope fully you will phone me soon
0 thumbs down thumbs up 0

JOHNNY 25-05-2012 18:58
Dearest Susie, this site rightfully belongs to me and Sam no you don't need 180 fb accounts to get 180 likes, Annika is lyimg to you and the whole world and yes people I do get on with my new site that´s why it's on page 1 in Google.com for the search marbella, i-marbella is in position 100
3 thumbs down thumbs up 2

ismael 22-05-2012 11:52
I m very happy for yur success; keep on being as natural & beautiful Annika !!
1 thumbs down thumbs up 6

SAEKO HAMADA 20-05-2012 23:03
I really enjoy spending time with Annika in private life. She is funny and nice we always have a good time. Her children are so lovely they are like angels.. Fernando ( my Chihuahua) loves them a lot :)
2 thumbs down thumbs up 4

Sam Cameron 20-05-2012 22:27
Johnny, to be able to have a 180 likes, we would need to have 180 Facebook accounts..
0 thumbs down thumbs up 4

Susie 19-05-2012 23:44
Poor Johnny, what's gotten into you? Let them do their own thing, you do yours. People who envy and talk bad about other only make themselves look bad, ask anybody. And I have never heard the people from i-marbella talking bad about you Johnny. Leave them alone and start living your own life!Congrats to Annika for keeping the site up and running for so many years and it's only getiing better I see..
2 thumbs down thumbs up 8

Liam 16-05-2012 14:06
This woman is not warm and friendly :(
2 thumbs down thumbs up 6

Johnny 16-05-2012 13:14
Sam you clearly know that you can comment on this site and click as many likes as you want, it's all a con, but good luck all the same
1 thumbs down thumbs up 2

Johnny 16-05-2012 13:12
David, she buys her likes
1 thumbs down thumbs up 2

Carlos 16-05-2012 10:45
She is more famous than Maria Bravo! More likes and comments!
0 thumbs down thumbs up 4

LM 15-05-2012 16:18
to Johnny - you have another page, why don't you show how good you can make it,if you and only you have been the founder.Don't read an follow this one then.Just do it and give us the readers reason to follow!Do it your way,why envy a girl?There is always competition with every business.We like this.I as homeowner in Marbella like more to read this, not yet found much on your site.It seems to be different target group?
1 thumbs down thumbs up 4

B 15-05-2012 10:05
where is her husband ?
1 thumbs down thumbs up 1

David 15-05-2012 01:53
I'm amazed by their Facebook page. Two months ago it had 2000 likes, which is already a good result compared to other online magazines here and now more 6500?Phenomenal
0 thumbs down thumbs up 4

Sam Cameron 15-05-2012 01:44
If people didn't like her this article wouldn't have over 100 likes/shares & over 5.000 views...
0 thumbs down thumbs up 2

Sam Cameron 15-05-2012 01:44
If people didn't like her this article wouldn't have over 100 likes/shares & over 5.000 views...
0 thumbs down thumbs up 2

Peter 15-05-2012 01:42
Johnny looks to be i-Marbellas number 1 reader...
0 thumbs down thumbs up 1

Peter 15-05-2012 01:38
Johnny looks to be i-Marbellas number 1 reader...
1 thumbs down thumbs up 3

Karl 15-05-2012 01:03
Annika is a great businesswoman indeed, if not to say businessman. She has achieved quite a lot for her age and building up a business here in Spain isn't easy for sure. The way I see it i-marbella is a great entertaining site with lot of followers and I am proud to be one of them!
1 thumbs down thumbs up 4

R.L-P 15-05-2012 00:06
I used to be a colleague and employee of Annika and I can say she supports and holds good people. She paid fair salary, and supported and motivated those who deserved it. I have lots of good memories with Annika, and thats all I care :) With her kids she has as good relationships as seen on photos - warm and mature. Annika, good luck and lots of love!
0 thumbs down thumbs up 5

Jackson 14-05-2012 23:42
i would like to meet her, everybody talk about her! She is gorgeous and hot!
4 thumbs down thumbs up 1

Lolita 14-05-2012 23:28
yee rigt good mother and business genius :D
In that case I am mother Teresa.
1 thumbs down thumbs up 5

to Pedro 14-05-2012 23:06
Annika is actually great mother and her children , friends and family loves her very much! i love you too! T
3 thumbs down thumbs up 3

Annika to Johnny! 14-05-2012 23:04
Dear Johnny! you are great photographer! and you do great work, but you decided to do this with your girlfriend! and i just wish you Good Look and Happiness!
1 thumbs down thumbs up 3

Pedro 14-05-2012 23:03
Perfect mother ? Haha
2 thumbs down thumbs up 4

Johnny Gates 14-05-2012 22:10
Dear Annika (I know it's you writing as Ana) You know as well as I do, that I started and founded i-marbella. You have the proof of that in the court case against you. I also did all the publicity and used my reputation in this town to bring the site forward. It's a shame that you can't be honest to your readers that all already know the truth. It makes you look like a foolish girl who only is interested in one thing.. MONEY and with that you loose anything that has to do with ethics or moral. Bad girl!
3 thumbs down thumbs up 5

Lina 14-05-2012 22:06
I heard she was wanted in both Estonia and Spain for fraud. I also heard she is leaving her small children alone in Estonia when she spends months on end in Marbella. Also is she really only 32... I would have sworn she was over 40!!

2 thumbs down thumbs up 5

to Johnny from Ana 14-05-2012 22:03
Let it go, you dont have no money to invest nowhere. And she have same business experience before, you never had this. You made your own after her. So one time you should stop insulting her this shows how week you are and makes her stronger. After all, She have done good work!
2 thumbs down thumbs up 1

Johnny 14-05-2012 21:31
She is not the founder of i-marbella.com and she is nothing but a common thief, who already has the law chasing her tail
2 thumbs down thumbs up 3

Eva 14-05-2012 17:47
women with love and passion accomplish the most
0 thumbs down thumbs up 2

Hanna 14-05-2012 16:44
What a beautiful family she has
0 thumbs down thumbs up 1

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