Forum rules

Comments and the rules of the forum

Users can comment pictures, news etc. I-Marbella.com will not edit them. The author of the comment is responsible for posting it. Same goes for the internetportal's user forum.

I-Marbella.com is not responsible for the content of the comments that are added under articles and in forums. We will have the right to delete the ones that are not according to the laws of Spain, that will violate the rights of a third party or the ones that are not according to the mores whether in essence or linguistically.
The unappropriate comments or posts in the forum are those that are:

  • written for another person or may have been,
  • offensive to somebody,
  • contain bad language or are impropriet in some other way,
  • egg on feud, violance or some other illegal activity,
  • contain links to an advertisment, commercial texts or any other commercial offers.
Users ownership and the confidentiality of personal data

The pictures that are published by users must have a permit. Publishing pictures without permission of the author is prohibited in the massmedia. Sending or publishing any other materials you will give your approval, which includes reproduction, distribution and publishing by I-Marbella.com. When the material is used, it will be referred to the author. Every other materials and pictures are protected I-Marbella.com title or belong to the co-partners of I-Marbella.com according to the agreement. Copying, publishing for commercial use or using them in the massmedia without agreement is prohibited.

All works that are sent to I-Marbella.com for publishing in the internetportal are for free, except when both parties agree otherwise.

I-Marbella.com guarantees the confidentiality of the user's personal data, except regulatory cases and special agreements(names of the winners of some games or campaigns also).

I-Marbella.com will have the right to change these operating conditions according to the need and without announcement.


The conditions of trading forum

The trading forum of I-Marbella.com is a environment that is meant for private users to communicate with each other and for I-Marbella.com partners to trade and make offers. I-Marbella.com clients are considered those legal persons, who have signed a valid contract and according to that they have the right to add ads and commercials. Legal persons, who do not have a valid contract with I-Marbella.com, are not allowed to sell or make any offers, also they are prohibited to add their shop or e-shop aso addresses. It is mandatory to present only right and correct data. It is forbidden to present inaccurate and deceitful data, also published texts, photos and data must be according to legislation, good manners and customs.
By agreeing these current user conditions, the presenter confirms that the data she/he publishes:

  • is not misleading, inaccurate or incorrect;
  • does not contain offers for services or products for sale, which when conducted or sold are not according to the law;
  • will not violate third party rights;
  • is not conflicted to legislation, good manners or customs.

The parties will transact business without I-Marbella.com's intervention and are fully responsible for all deals they conduct and fulfill. I-Marbella.com is not responsible for published ads and offers made in the trading forum being legal, true and valid and following legal obligations or good manners by their publishers. I-Marbella.com is also not responsible for the services offered or exchanged or goods being bought, sold or exchanged, neither for the quality and/or quantity of them.

The publisher of the ad is obligated to change or delete the published data in the trading forum, if some of it appears to be inaccurate, incorrect or illegal.
Selling stolen goods through I-Marbella.com internetporal is prohibited according the law of Spain!

I-Marbella.com will not dictate selling a single product, but when selling goods with a business purpose then it must be according to the official importer. Paid advertisements that are not according to I-Marbella.com conditions will not be refunded. Therefore, discovering such products in the trading forum, that may have been stolen, we ask you to contact the Spain? Police department and when starting a procedure we will forward the data of the user in suspicion to the police. In all other cases, according to the personal data protection law, I-Marbella.com will not reveal any personal data!

I-Marbella.com will keep the rights to change the current user conditions unannounced, in case of need.

Copyright @ 2016 i-marbella.com. All rights reserved.

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