Frequently asked questions

How to bring your ad in front?
If you renew your ad's best before, then it will be taken to the "last updated" section.

What is the function of the renew button?What does it do?
The renew button will update the best before date. Every ad lasts 20 days. If you haven't clicked the renew button during that time, then the ad will expire. Moreover, clicking the renew button will bring your ad to "last updated" section.

How can I change or delete my ad?
There is a button above called "ads(adverts)" on your account. If you click it, all of your ads will appear. There you have the chance to either change or delete them.

Why can't I find my ad through the search?
Please renew your activated ad and add parameters to it. That should do it.

What is the function of "highlight" button?What does it do?
To highlight means your ad will be put as number one whether on the frontpage, main subject or sub-subject. Highlighting is priced.

How much does it cost to add an advert?
For private persons it is for free.

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