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Costa del Sol

Sam Cameron's Marbella Nightlife Blog #2: Skrillex or Avicii?


Skrillex & Avicii Source: Photographer Uldis Lapiņš (Riga, Latvia)

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By: Sam Cameron

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Luke 02-03-2012 20:04
This guy knows his shit! Keep it up dude!
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Sam Cameron 02-03-2012 00:13
No problem. I love debate, especially constructive and positive ones!

The reason they don't do well in Spain is because places like USA are killing the Market. People over there have no problem in paying $100+ for a Nightclub with a DJ. When I was in Vegas I wanted a table at Marquee on Benny Benassi, they said minimum 10k usd. It was me, my girlfriend of the time, and another couple... People pay it over there... We had to get general entry by the way! haha

Clubs and promoters over there are paying stupid amounts for DJs, therefore they make our job much harder here.

Take care and carry on reading my Blogs please! Sam
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justmyhumbleopinion 29-02-2012 02:33
@Sam Cameron Thanks for listening :-)
And LOL glad you agree on the old lady thing!!!
I didn't know that about Fatboy Slim but of course there's a major crisis going on right now so maybe that has something to do with them being unable to sell all of the tickets?
Still, there's lots of great Summer music festivals going on here in Spain.
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Sam Cameron 25-02-2012 22:54
What I mean by I don't think Marbella is ready, is because his music is something hard and new for the prototype of people that visit Marbella. I had to explain people who Avicii was last Summer. I've even had to explain who Axwell is to some people. Marbella is 20 years behind musically. Spain is behind musically. Fatboy Slim has just played in Madrid and they couldn't sell the tickets. €25 tickets. It is sad, but there is not enough culture here.

I still want to see Skrillex here, and I would be delighted to be part of it. I state it in my Blog. I think he will sellout, but promotion needs to be done in an Andalusia level. People from Seville, Granada, etc will come to that event. If you limit the promotion to Marbella, sadly yes, Skrillex will not sellout. In a way Marbella is like an old lady yes, its a great comparison :)

Thanks for your comments. I love your opinions.
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justmyhumbleopinion 25-02-2012 06:03
Skrillex all the way (even The Grammys agree!)

"I don't think Marbella is ready?"
What do you mean by that?
Is Marbella some old lady or something?
Marbella is a town!
And yeah, they're actually some YOUNG people here!!!
Please give us some entertainment!
I dread the day when this town will end up looking like George A. Romero's "Dawn of the Dead"...
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PbM 25-02-2012 03:04
Just make sure Dubstep doesn't "invade" Marbella as well Sam, Please!
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Sergio 24-02-2012 15:51
Avicii, no doubt...
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Hanna 24-02-2012 12:32
I was there last summer, in Dreamers when he played- he's so young but knows his music :)
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omg 24-02-2012 12:27
i must admit avicii gets my vote!he is the guy from the next level indeed
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