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Wonderful Wasabi


Source: johnnygates.com

 Comments (8)

By: Nicola Vieira Rodrigues

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Therese Fortune 24-04-2010 03:45
Sensations Sushi is defintely worth a try, its by Cliche bar and the bullring, very friendly, great sushi and extremely well priced!
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julia 07-02-2010 16:16
the best sushi is in Osaka..
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ozjzxiocw 21-01-2010 04:02
T0dBvC mmnfcazczcuy, [url=http://cakzsgfpqoiz.com/]cakzsgfpqoiz[/url], [link=http://bjzjvtzsqfag.com/]bjzjvtzsqfag[/link], http://evveylfkzlei.com/
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mam 08-12-2009 19:54
i never eat wasabi.
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garett 02-12-2009 23:09
The conveyor belt is brilliant although sometimes you have to give the plate a good yank to get it off
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Matt 02-12-2009 04:20
Went there a couple of weeks ago. Sushi was great, though I wasn't a fan of the melted cheese and meat combination. Especially after the lightness of the sushi. Loved the decor and thought that the magnetic sushi conveyor belt is a masterstroke!

PS Is Chris trying to chat up the reviewer?
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Chris 01-12-2009 23:48
Great review, I really like your writing style, it suits food critiquing perfectly. Your review was balanced and critical which is really lacking in advertising and PR on the coast, I never trust anything people write here because it's all paid for and just to please the owners that are probably paying for the review which makes the whole thing pointless. So Ms Rodrigues...... you are bringing some much needed credibility to the coast hoorah!!!
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David 01-12-2009 21:44
I agree wine is not the done thing with sushi, shame they don¡t do Sapporo
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