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Parlez Moi D´Amour, Laguna Village, Estepona

12-02-2010 Comments (11)

By: Nicola Vieira Rodrigues

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Nicola 13-02-2010 22:27
Ha ha, thanks Giles, much appreciated! x

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Giles 13-02-2010 22:18
Hi there. Forget what Will says. Good, honest review. Must take you to Top Thai in Centro Plaza one time! G
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Nicola 13-02-2010 22:09
OMG, that was a quick response!!! "wot"?!?!?!
is that poetic license too???

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William 13-02-2010 22:00
you wot?
"You'll be hearing from my lawyers!" as MRI would say!
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Nicola 13-02-2010 21:58
William (Mr. Shakespeare I presume?!?!!!!), not sure if it is possible to improve on your fine works however one can always put a modern twist on things no? I had not realized you were so pedantic!
"You taught me language, and my profit on't
Is, I know how to curse. The red plague rid you
For learning me your language!"

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William 13-02-2010 01:51
"AND if music be the food of love"

you're improving on the original Shakespeare I see.

Can't wait to read your take on The Tempest..
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Mimu 13-02-2010 00:14
looks very tasty and nice, why only 7ps
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Cynthia 12-02-2010 13:05
I ate there and agree with the reviewer about the food. The place is fantastic and it is worth visiting.
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Kennie 12-02-2010 10:01
Balanced review, I will go there to try it, it looks beautiful from the photos
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rainerhelin 12-02-2010 01:18
Mouth watering images! mmmmm
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