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Diego Maradona
Source: Zipsport

Maradona Headed to Costa del Sol?

25-02-2011 Comments (15)

By: Chetan Dave



Tred 02-09-2011 17:31
A Great Coach with players who needs him
nice too...
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Nellie 28-02-2011 18:17
aw man, that's woeful

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Nellie 28-02-2011 18:12
aw man, that's woeful

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Coin Carter 26-02-2011 08:35
What a bloody joke Malaga are becoming, even more so if they entertain having this buffoon anywhere near La roselada, let alone the managers desk.
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johnnygates 25-02-2011 22:28
Well said Tom..... nice to see the Hampshire contingent reading the site
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Tom Dicker 25-02-2011 22:27
Gotta agree with Morten , great players don't make great coaches . Would be good for publicity but Malaga should look for a shrewd coach . Maybe they could tempt Guardiola !
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Bernadette Fresno 25-02-2011 22:26
Bad for the FOOTBALL-TEAM,good for the COKE-DEALERS...snifff hahaha ;0)))
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Kari Eckert 25-02-2011 22:25
but that's what he is!
A Great Coach with players who needs him......
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Morten Rongaard 25-02-2011 22:25
Morten Rongaard No no ... Just because you in the past was the greatest football player it won't make you a great coach...
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William Rodriguez Sacristan 25-02-2011 22:24
for publicity good, football wise bad, been sacked twice one being Argentina coach.
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