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Costa del Sol

Exclusive interview with Kristina Szekely


Kristina Szekely Source: Johnnygates.com

 Comments (6)

By: Tene Sommer

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Shaila 27-11-2010 23:37
she is the best!!!
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Ott 25-11-2010 15:03
WTF, is there election coming and KS is running for mayor???
But life here is the best ( quality wise ).
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ilse Hug 24-11-2010 14:03
Kristina is the best "embassador" of Marbella and she is totally right: Marbella is the best place to live. I just travelled through South America to all these "dream" places, Carribean, Rio, Punta del Este, Montevideo or Buenos aires. But - who wants to go out with the recommandation: "dress down, don`t wear any jewellery, not even fakes." Who wants sand flys at the emblematical Copacabana or only can use taxis that are ordered from your hotel not those on the streets ?
In Marbella you can do all and much more.
You even find true love.
Thanks Kristina

And by the way, no one thinks of "corruption" if you mention Marbella, they are all full of admiration for the city!

Ilse and Wolfgang Hug
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emma 23-11-2010 01:17
absolutly agree both of you!!!
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Gary Steel 22-11-2010 23:04
Yes I also think that Marbella is starting to recover I have alot of investors that have taken advantage of the current market. On my website homesdeluxe.net I have the best most luxurious properties of Marbella and La Zagaleta where we are able to negotiate very good deals exclusively for our buyers.
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Victor Kortscheff Pardo 22-11-2010 15:05
Dear readers,
It is a very nice interview to Kristina
Szekely which she is always bringing new
investors to Marbella and Costa del Sol
and she should be in the Marbella Town Hall
as the "Tourism Council" she has travel the
same as myself and we been in the same business and now I am in the car business and just broke the Spanish record by selling the most expensive Aston-Martin One-77.
Keep it up Kristina there is still market
for Marbella.
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