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Costa del Sol

Christian Fa wins the Wow Factor in a thrilling final at the Casino Torrequebrada. See the latest galleries for all the images


Christian beat a strong field to be this years WOW Factor winner Source: http://www.johnnygates.com

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By: Giles Brown



Uno 13-03-2011 17:07
It was a travesty...Becky Tate was way way better and should have won. Fa just got the gay boy sympathy vote from Jason Gardner. I'm not homophobic, but Becky was miles better.
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jenny gucci 09-10-2010 14:45
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Anna 24-11-2009 23:27
Great shots yet again Johnny.... well done... you are the best
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Bob 18-11-2009 22:51
judging by the scarf, I think he went all the way with Jason Gardiner
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Simon 18-11-2009 00:42
Wow..... what a final, this boy should go all the way
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