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26-01-2010 Johnny Gates |86|

Miss january at Bono's Beach, Marbella

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Sir German 03-02-2011 15:44
Wir wollen doch unsere deutschen Freunde nicht vergessen.. hier ein Kommentar auf deutsch.. eine sehr schöne Session, mit netten und menschlichen Leuten.. Danke
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Giles 27-01-2010 19:48
Johnny what did you win the Oscar for? Can I now call you "award winning photographer"?
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Tami 27-01-2010 12:49
wuoooo here very chic soul enchanted of verte as always, Garcias for being thus Tami kisses
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johnny 27-01-2010 02:42
well not me I hope Che...... I will be loading the ammo
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Che 26-01-2010 18:55
Come the revolution, this lot are first against the wall
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mauris 26-01-2010 17:00
BELLISIMO el desfile de Alma Modas, Bellisima la gente, Bellas las niñas Enhorabuena alma esperamos verte pronto aqui en marbella.TE AMAMOS

BEAUTIFUL the parade of Soul, Gorgeous people, Beautiful the young CONGRATULATIONS soul we hoped to YOU soon here in marbella. SOUL WE LOVED TO YOU
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johnny 26-01-2010 04:53
My first Oscar.... wehey
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Hector 26-01-2010 04:52
ah pure Oscar Magic
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