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21-10-2009 Johnny Gates |47|

BBC Children in Need's Pudsey Bear hits the Costa del Sol

In the lead up to the Children in Need 2009, the BBC’s Pudsey Bear made a special visit to the sunny Costa del Sol to film a sequence for the annual appeal which raises huge amounts of money for disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.

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edrdsyd 20-11-2009 23:22
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Nat 21-10-2009 16:53
the most beautiful celebrity :-)
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Vanessa 21-10-2009 14:38
nice pic
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johnaton 21-10-2009 14:37
johnny, johnny, what should we think about this now?
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Nick 21-10-2009 14:35

which one is the bear, there both cute! AHAHHAHAAH Boooooizzzzzeeee
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Nada 21-10-2009 14:34

Johnny, can you introduce me to this bear? :-))))) What a nice colour :-)
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KJ 21-10-2009 14:33
I bet you were wondering how Pudsey got that eyepatch? A night out with J. Gates, that's how!
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dirk 21-10-2009 14:31
Hey what a nice bear :-)
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